Global Brain Friends Community

Brain matters.

We have established the Global Brain Friends Community to promote the idea of prevention.

Globally, we try to increase awareness whatever our education and age, in order to preserve our mental intactness, human dignity and our ability to live independently we must maintain the agility of our mind.

The brain is the engine of our life, the “processor” of the organism.

A healthy brain is the key to a successful and happy life and to our mental well-being.

Be aware that you yourself can do a lot for your success.

Be aware that even at a young age you need to ensure that your brain stays healthy and functional until the end of your life.

Be aware that PREVENTION helps you sustain your mental and physical fitness for a longer time. Be aware that if you stay active both mentally and physically and adopt a healthier lifestyle your can reduce the risk of mental dysfunctions.

Be conscious and open to change; learn about alternative lifestyles and incorporate them into your everyday life.

TRAIN YOUR BRAIN. Keep it in good shape so that you can preserve its condition for a lifetime.

Don’t forget: IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE! Brain matters also mean prevention. If you think prevention is important, you know that BRAIN MATTERS.

Be a Brain Friend for life! JOIN the Community!

With you there will be even more of us who take action in a conscious and responsible fashion for our mental health, against Alzheimer’s disease.

If we, people, organizations and communities in different countries share our positive experiences, traditional and newly found knowledge and methods which already help us preserve the well-being of our mind and body, then in the very foreseeable future millions of us will come into possession of a knowledge base about the brain that supports prevention.

We ask you to share as much positive and useful information as possible: articles, links, tests, logics tasks, brain stimulating exercises, online games, apps, mental training, tips of physical activities, healthy diets, recipes, social activities, social games, dances, music, and any other form of good practice in your countries which, to your knowledge and experience, may help all of our future.

Thank you for joining!

Please, share this information with your friends and acquaintances, so that they also become informed about the possibility and importance of prevention! Hungary will host the 31st International Conference of Alzheimer’s Disease between 20-24 April 2016, organized jointly by Alzheimer’s Disease International and the Hungarian Alzheimer Society

The Global Brain Friends Community was established by the Hungarian Alzheimer Society because it trusts that by 2016 the knowledge base on brain protection will become a treasure house of useful information and good practices, and will contribute to enhancing awareness of prevention..